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Monte Karlo Waterfront Tourist Inn is not only located in a relaxing bayview area but also near some of the famous tourist attractions in Catanduanes Island like Majestics Puraran Surfing and fast access to Caramoan Island hopping adventure.

Maribina Falls

Maribina Falls - Catanduanes

Named after Barangays "Marinawa" and "Binanwahan" in the municipality of Bato, Maribina Falls is the most popular and widely publicized among the numerous waterfalls in Catanduanes. Secluded and relatively unexplored, the waterfalls beckon trekkers for a refreshing dip; frolic in the cool waters and over the boulders. There are ideal picnickers who would want to stay overnight. Gushing with breath-taking rapids of crystal-clear waters, the cascading falls are located amid rustic surroundings and lush-green vegetation. A popular spot among weekend frolickers who take pleasure in cooling down within its cascading waters and basking on its mossy boulders, as residents take the opportune afternoon, when rain clouds abruptly withdrew, to gather vegetables such as wild sili and gabi (chili and taro) used to make the spicy native dish of laing. Meanwhile, other men dive for sugpo (prawns) hiding within the deep pools. All the thundering water is heading to the Pacific Ocean. Maribina Falls is the most popular and widely publicized among the numerous waterfalls in Catanduanes. Of the numerous falls in the island, only a few were photograph and documented. Many are still waiting to be discovered because some locals don’t want to share it with the outside world. One of the common fears by many locals for not sharing is, they want it exclusively for their family, close friends and relatives although this attitude is gradually changing.

Bato Church

Bato Church - Catanduanes

Constructed in 1830, this massice structure of mortar and coral stones, has withstood the test of time, wars and ravages of natural calamities. The historical and magnificently situated edifice is the only remaining complete structure of its genre in the entire island. Bato’s St John the Baptist Church took 53 years to build. It was started in 1830 and finished in 1883 under six different parish administrators.

Majestics Puraran

Majestics Puraran Surfing - Catanduanes

Ranked #3 in the "TOP 5 Philippine Surfing Dream Destinations" by LOKALSOUL - Philippine Surfing Blog, "Majestics" in Baras was named so after a visiting surfer saw Puraran bay from afar with an epic swell and all he can say was, “majestic”. Now, if a surf spot is called “majestic” then you know you have to go surf it OR… sit back and let the pros do it for you.

Solong Falls Nature Park

Solong Falls - Catanduanes

The mountain resort located in Solong, San Miguel is fast becoming a popular recreation area for nature lovers and mountain hikers. A tastefully conceived park along the breadth of the Solong river channel amidst the surrounding thick forest of giant ferns, trees and a host of indigenous flora is proposed for immediate construction. Solong has several cascading waters flowing into natural pools. With its elevation of 100 meters, it is ideally suited for adventure treks.

Balite Beach

Balite Beach - Catanduanes

The whole stretch of Balite and Mamangal continues to beguile visitors with its unspoiled beauty-an asset which the locals within the area are guarding zealously. The sprawling beach is covered with cool and shady trees and blessed with fine white sand, both in the shorelines and in the swimming area. Provides an alternative area for recreation, fun, relaxation and picnics.

Luyang Cave

Luyang Cave - Catanduanes

A mute witness and tomb of the massacred natives who fled from pirates during the 17th century. To appease their trouble souls, a mini grotto and altar was built inside. Visitors can feel the cool damp air inside and wonder what is in the other chambers that the locals fear. It is one of many destinations in San Andres and is located in barangay Lictin.

Amenia Beach

Amenia Beach - Catanduanes

The entire stretch of the shoreline beckons visitors to take a dip in its pristine waters and wave-combed sands. The well-manicured landscape by itself is so inviting for a relaxed, laid-back retreat. Ideal for family and office outings. Amenia Beach is located in Palauig, San Andres, Catanduanes.

Batong Paluway

Batong Paluway - Catanduanes

The face of Our Lady of Sorrows colorfully imprinted in a piece of stone that has progressively increased in size. The replica is enshrined in the chapel. Catholic bishop has confirmed the existence of a ‘miraculous,’ "growing" stone in Catanduanes which bears the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Bishop De Los Santos said the stone has been in Barangay Paloway in San Andres town, Catanduanes for over a century. The growing stone Based on the accounts of the residents, the stone originally only bore a part of the face of the Blessed Virgin. Now 3 inches in height, the stone has the full image of the Virgin Mary’s face and “shows her finger pointing somewhere." Many devotees flock to the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows in San Andres especially during Fridays.

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